Website Development

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Let us create a fully functional E-commerce website for you. Features included chart and check out with the ability to pay by paypal and all major credit cards. One page site to a full suite. We it all.

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Computer Repairs

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We do hardware diagnosis, upgrade and repairs. We replace broken laptop screens. Upgrade Memory and Hard drive. Software upgrade and computer everyday issues. Specializes in PCs.

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ICT & Hardware Consultation

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Harness the innovative synergy of technology and hardware with our expert consultation, unlocking new possibilities for your business growth.

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BUPS cloud Solution

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We offer cloud backups for as low as $30 CAD on a monthly subscription. This allows us to restore any file, folders or the entire machine if there is complete hardware failure. This is also great for protecting again floods and fires.

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Meet our happy clients


Listed as a client but Mark was more like a big brother and mentor as it relates to website development. I learn alot while working along with him to develop “”.

Mark Scott

Gold Mynd Music was our first customer that hired WebBytes to make an E-commerce Store. We took Gold Mynd’s concept from a basic idea to checkout page with cart and credit card payment. The site even sends email alerts when stock is low.  We also do EPK websites for all musical Artistes. 

We Craft a comprehensive EPK for this musical artist, presenting his biography, photographs, videos, and performances all in a single, unified space. Launched September 2023
Meet our happy clients

The automotive website is now live, enabling new customers to explore Christopher’s portfolio of locally completed work in Kelowna.

Christopher Parkison

EMC Studios Embarked on a complete website rebrand, infusing it with a fresh and contemporary aesthetic, to provide visitors with an immersive and captivating online experience. Launch date TBA

Ellis Media Collective

Introducing the new E-commerce store by Blair Sportswear, exclusively catering to OKM students. Seamlessly integrating the best of Fashion Nova’s features and beyond, we’ve turned their ultimate vision into a vibrant reality

Blair sportswear
We crafted a dynamic online space dedicated to TV and film enthusiasts, fostering engaging discussions and connections within the realm of cinematic experiences. Launched September 2023
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